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SYLVAN HILLS SOFTBALL Bears won’t play again until April 18

Wanted: Softball games.

Weather has wreaked havoc upon the schedule of the Sylvan Hills Lady Bears.

Head coach Justine Gladden’s homecoming to Jacksonville has been pushed back indefinitely after cold, wet weather cancelled Tuesday.

Central Arkansas Christian also cancelled their matchup with the Bears this week. Add the fact that Helena-West Helena, who was scheduled for Tuesday dropped their softball program for the season.

That means the Lady Bears are without competition until April 18.

“We need to play,” Gladden said. “I got to find some games ASAP.”

Gladden has searched far and wide for competition including Northeast Arkansas. Gladden being a Williams Baptist alum said she has numerous former teammates and classmates that are coaching in the state.

“I’ve been calling all my friends from college,” Gladden said. “We just haven’t been able to schedule any.”

Until Gladden can wrangle an opponent, practice will be critical.

“Every practice is important,” Gladden said. “We have to make sure we work hard every day.”

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