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SYLVAN HILLS GIRLS BASKETBALL | Davis knows team’s direction

After last week’s loss to the Malvern Lady Leopards, Sylvan Hills coach Shelley Davis didn’t exactly know what she was going to do about the direction of her team.

Davis said the team took care of it themselves.

“We have had four great practices,” Davis said.

Davis admitted to being frustrated in the days immediately after the loss at Malvern to the point that some adverse disciplinary action was considered. But since, the girls have responded.

“We are just so young and inexperienced at this level,” Davis said.

Davis has been straddled with youth on her team as a result of some defections from last year’s team including both starting guards, one to soccer and one to home schooling.

The result has been the need to play some sophomores before she would like to.

“They are used to winning,” Davis said. “These girls just aren’t used to getting beaten as badly as they have right now.”

The Lady Bears’ sophomores were conference champion contenders last season, and Davis said if they stay together, they could be a special team.

“I don’t care what you play,” Davis said, “when you are 15 and 16 and you are playing against teams that are two and three years older than you are, it makes a difference.”

What Davis also admits is that what this team is going through now can only serve them well in the future if they allow it.

“It could make them a very good team in the next couple of seasons,” Davis said.

They just have to be able to handle the present in order to reap the benefits of what could be a very bright Lady Bears’ future.

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