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SYLVAN HILLS BOYS Bears adjusting after last year’s state title run

It’s just a very different year for the Sylvan Hills Bears.

Gone are the days when fans can wonder by how much their basketball will win by on a given night. Gone are the days of full court domination—at least for now.

Head coach Kevin Davis has gone back to his teaching root and has made no apologies for what his team has endured so far this season.

It’s part of the learning curve.

Davis has been set on teaching young players the art of his style of basketball. It’s something he’s missed doing. After all, he hasn’t had to do too much of it in the last couple years with the talent of Kentucky freshman point guard Archie Goodwin and a group that commanded attention and respect.

But while Davis understandably relished in elite success, he’s not complaining one bit about where he finds himself these days.

He has said time and again that the teams of the last couple of seasons are very special, but he has also said that what he is doing now is what he was called to do.

Why wouldn’t he teach and pass along his knowledge and continue to build a very proud basketball tradition?

He has picked the brains of basketball royalty such as Kansas’ Bill Self and North Carolina’s Roy Williams not to mention John Calipari, Kentucky’s enigmatic public relations genius. Calipari is also pretty good at coaching basketball too.

Davis said in beginning of the season he would have nights of frustration. It happened in Russellville and it has happened since.

Most recently, a tough loss to Helena-West Helena when the Bears had multiple chances to pull out a home win before losing 64-60.

Davis knows how important it is to hold serve at home at his level that makes Friday’s setback a little tougher. But the bottom line is that his young team has to learn how to win.

Davis can teach them the finer points of basketball, give them the tools to succeed. But some things they will have to learn for themselves.

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