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Sharks eat Marlins up

The Sherwood Sharks showed off again at the Harmon Center on Saturday, scoring 1,210 team points to easily outdistance the Maumelle Marlins, who had 407.

The boys were the ones doing the damage this week, with 43 different swimmers bringing in first place points.

It was a particularly great week for Heye brothers Christopher and Thomas. 18-year-old Christopher broke two Harmon Pool records - both his own - when he swam the breaststroke in 29.25 and the individual medley in 56.81. Thomas, 15-years-old, was second in the breaststroke and actually also broke the old record, but was almost a second behind his older brother. Thomas did crush the pool record in the backstroke, swimming it in 26.6 to best it by almost three seconds.



Drake Miller and Tyson Pfeiffer each won three races for the Sharks. Miller finished first in the silver freestyle and back and the bronze butterfly. Pfeiffer won the gold back, plus the bronze breast and individual medley.

Jacob Dunn won the gold IM and the silver fly, while Joshua Tice won the bronze back.


Michael Potts was as dominant as ever, winning the platinum free, breast, fly and IM. Cooper Traylor also won multiple events with the silver breast and IM.

Joshua Reynolds won the platinum back, James Bolton won the gold fly, Maddox McCrory the gold IM, Jaxon Alongi the bronze free and Ryan Ponder the bronze fly.


Dillon Wood swept through his races, winning the platinum free, back, breast and fly. Hudson Cameron won the gold back and the silver breast and fly.

Blane Godbee won the gold free and fly, Austin Rice took the bronze free and back, Steve Abochale won the bronze breast and fly, while Nicholas Bromley took the silver back and AJ Clements won the silver IM.


The Sharks took all the platinum races, with Joseph Potts winning the free, fly and IM, while Nicholas Heye won the back and breast.

Chris Geater took home four firsts, with wins in the silver free and fly and the bronze back and IM. Lawson Ashley won the gold breast and IM and the silver back. Phillip Stanley won the gold back and fly, David Reynolds won the gold free and silver breast, Logan Wilson took the bronze free and breast, while Elijah Keen won the bronze fly.


Jordan Woodson won the platinum back, breast and IM, while Carson Traylor cleaned up the rest of the platinum with wins in the free and fly.

Ian Heye won the gold free, back and fly, while Andrew Ragan won the silver fly and IM and the bronze breast. Daniel Ashcraft took the bronze free and back, Jacob Cecil the silver free, Malachi Keen the bronze fly and KJ Royal the bronze IM.


Christopher Heye set new platinum records in the breast and IM, Quanderrius Doss won the platinum free and fly, while Thomas Heye set his record in the platinum back. Those three combined to take the top three places in almost every platinum races.

Jayson Simmons gold back and breast, Kel Gist won the gold free and silver breast, Savon Cook won the silver free and bronze fly, and Anthony Trias won the bronze free and breast. Skyler Lancaster won the silver IM.



Sophie Gaylord had a big day, winning the gold free and the bronze breast and IM. Kaylee Taylor won the silver back, Taylor Geaney won the bronze back, and Brianna Wood took the bronze fly.


Madeyln Morrow looked excellent while winning the platinum free, back, fly and IM. She broke the pool record in the backstroke, a record she had set just two weeks before.

Emma Browning won the gold breast, fly and IM, while Lillie Ballany won the silver free, fly and IM. Emily Heck won the silver back and bronze free, Avery Lankford won the bronze back, Katie Wittenburg the bronze breast, Mimi Abochale the bronze fly and Samantha Crownover the bronze IM.


Avery Ballany swam through the competition on the way to the platinum free, back and fly and the gold IM.

Carly Morrow won the gold free and fly, while Elea Blakely won the silver free and fly. Jae-Bird Woodson won the gold back, Pierson Richart the gold breast, Courtlyn Jenkins the silver IM, Sarah Rounsaville the bronze free and SoMiah Toney the bronze breast.


Maycee Broadway took the gold breast along with the silver free and IM. Betsy Ponder won the silver breast and fly, while Addison Harper won the bronze free and fly.


Camryn Jenkins won four races, taking home the platinum back and IM, and the gold free and fly.

Tatum Stanley won the gold back and breast, and the silver free. Savannah Scott won the silver IM and the bronze back, Jordon Godbee the silver back, Gracie Ragan the silver fly, Emma Wittenburg the bronze free, and Sophie Chier the bronze fly.


Maddie Ragan led the way with a platinum back and gold free, along with Avery Godbee’s gold fly and IM.

Rebecca Gree won the gold breast, Rebecca Lee the bronze back, and Holly Joseph won the bronze breast.

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