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Sharks clip 1,000 mark vs. Otters

The Sherwood Sharks had multiple multi-events gold level winners Saturday in their one-sided victory over the Otter Creek Otters in Central Arkansas Swim League meet.

The Sharks swept all six relays and won by a 1,034 to 241 margin. They will host Lakewood on Saturday.

Michael Potts, boys 6-under, won freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, and Madelynn Morrow, girls 6-under, captured the freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. All races were 25 yards. Dillon Wood, boys 7-8, won the 25-yard breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and individual medley. Alyssa Riley, girls 7-8, won freestyle and butterfly.

Joseph Potts, boys 9-10, claimed the top spot in 50-yard freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Nicholas Heye won the two races in that age division — the breaststroke and individual medley.

Erin Woodward, girls 13-14, won freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and individual medley.

Anna Jaworski, girls 9-10, claimed freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Brianna Hanley, girls 11-12, won the freestyle, butterfly and individual medley races.

Brendan Daugherty, boys 11-12, won freestyle, breaststroke and individual medley. Christopher Heye, boys 15-18, won butterfly and individual medley. Tristen Bowen, boys 11-12, won backstroke and butterfly.

Madison Daugherty, girls 15-18, won backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. Thomas Heye, boys 13-14, won butterfly and individual medley.

Other top finishers:

In boys 7-8, Joshua Robinson, third in freestyle; Blane Godbee, first in backstroke and Brock Godbee, second in backstroke.

In girls 7-8, Amelia Allgood won backstroke; Pierson Richart won breaststroke; and Courtlyn Jenkins, second in backstroke;

Michelle Potts, second breaststroke and third in butterfly; and Carly Morrow, second in butterfly. Alyssa Riley was third in breaststroke.

In boys 9-10, Joseph Potts was second in breaststroke; Vincent Jaworski second in freestyle, butterfly and backstroke and third in breaststroke; Nicholas Heye, third in freestyle and Mikey Hathaway, third in butterfly, and fourth in freestyle.

In girls 9-10, Adrienne Robinson was second in breaststroke and freestyle; Carson Taylor third in freestyle; and Maycee Broadway, second in backstroke and third in breaststroke.

In boys 11-12, Tristen Bowen was second freestyle and third in breaststroke; Ian Heye, second in breaststroke and individual medley; John Kennedy, third in individual medley and Carson Taylor, third in freestyle.

In girls 11-12, Camryn Jenkins, won the backstroke and Shea Copleand the breaststroke. Brianna Hanley was second in breaststroke

in boys 13-14, Josh Hale won the breaststroke and was second in freestyle, butterfly and individual medley. Jayson Simmons won the backstroke and was third in freestyle and breaststroke.

In girls 13-14, Maddie Ragan won the backstroke and was third in freestyle; Megan Richardson, second in breaststroke; and Jilliam Barber, second in butterfly and individual medley.

In girls 15-18, Kimmie Croson won individual medley and was second in freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. Leila Kerr was third in freestyle and Alex Tessman was third in freestyle.

In boys 15-18, Quanderrius Doss won freestyle and was third in butterfly. D Lo Chism won breaststroke. Liam Randleas, was third in backstroke.

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