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So unhappy together: Sherwood’s Taggart threatens roommate with knife

A 28-year-old Sherwood man was arrested on March 18 on a charge of aggravated assault after he threatened his roommate with a knife.

According to a police report compiled by Officer Chad Clements, Tyrone Taggart, 1601 Britney Drive, was arrested after police roommate Christopher Bersett, 34, went to his his neighbor’s house at 7717 Club Lane and phoned police.

“Upon arrival I made contact with home owner (Kristin Vaughn) who stated that her neighbor (Christopher Bersett) came to their residence for the fourth or fifth time recently in reference to his roommate,” Clements reported. “Vaughan stated that Bersett asked for her to call police because his roommate (Tyrone Taggart) had threatened to stab him with a brown handled kitchen knife.”

Vaughn told police that Bersett will come over to her home on a regular basis because he was hit by Taggart or because Taggart has stolen his vehicle.

Police then made contact with Bersett in the living room at 7717 Club and the victim told he and Taggart had been arguing about the amount of time they spend together.

At that point, Taggart went into the kitchen, grabbed a brown-handled knife and stated that if Bersett did not leave him alone he would get stabbed.

“Bersett stated he immediately grabbed his keys and left the residence because he feared for his life,” according to the police report.

Officers also contacted Taggart at 1601 Britney to obtain his statement.

“Taggart stated that he and Bersett argue very often and that it is always over the amount of time they spend together,” according to the report. “Taggart stated that they were arguing and that he will threaten Bersett on a regular basis but always leaves before anything physical occurs.”

Taggart said he never touched a knife during the argument with Bersett.

Taggart was then placed under arrest and placed into the rear of a police car.

At police headquarters, Bersett showed officers the knife that he said Taggart used to threaten him.

“The knife had a brown handle and appeared to be a steak knife,” according to police. “The knife was taken and placed into evidence.”

The aggravated assault charge was filed as a Class D felony.

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