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Sherwood’s Yappy Hour looking for sponsors

Sponsors are needed who will donate refreshments and other gifts for an upcoming program that is designed to help the relationship between people and canine.

Robin Breaux, director of the Sherwood City Humane Animal Services, said the shelter is sponsoring the first “Sherwood Yappy Hour” workshop slated for Nov. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Sherwood Forest, 1111 W. Maryland Ave.

“It will be a 50-minute workshop providing solutions for common unwanted behaviors, local ordinances, safety child/dog education and much more,” Breaux said.

The program is designed to help people learn to deal with: Excessive barking; Escaping; Digging; Jumping; Children and Dogs; and Bite prevention.

“There will also be 15 minutes for questions and answers,” Breaux said.

The Question and Answers segment will be with certified trainer/evaluator/behaviorist Charlotte Mallion.

Each attendee will receive an additional handout containing the information presented with a section for note taking, a Canine Good Citizen brochure and the opportunity to purchase a DVD of the presentation, to be mailed to them or downloaded with a link provided for an additional $5, Breaux said.

Refreshments will be provided.

Breaux said the workshop has other objectives.

“We want to build a stronger community/shelter relationship by providing innovative solutions and education,” she said.

Other benefits include:

• Lowering the rate of returned animals to the shelter, thereby increasing the shelter’s efficiency and productively, by reducing cost of housing and care.

• Inspiring community involvement.

• Gaining notoriety as a forward-thinking, progressive community that works together with its local government to solve animal-related issues and problems, making Sherwood a safer, well-educated, and cohesive animal welfare community.

The workshop will have other positive impacts, including teaching humans how to effectively communicate with their dogs.

“It will also teach the public how to bring home a shelter or rescue animal and successfully integrate it into their family with an emphasis on children, how to approach and meet an unfamiliar dog, and as well as properly interact with and respect their own family pet,” said Breaux. “And provide the public with solutions to problematic dog behaviors such as, excessive barking, aggression towards other animals and humans.”

Anyone wanting to donate to help with the workshop can call the shelter at 834-2287.

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