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Sherwood’s litter index improves in seven years since KSB has existed

The proof is in the pudding, an old saying says. In the case of Sherwood and the amount of litter it generates, it appears the city is becoming cleaner.

The agency responsible for compiling those types of figures is Keep Sherwood Beautiful (KSB), a non-profit organization started in the city in 2007.

During that year, the organization conducted its first liter index rating, which measures how much litter exists in a neighborhood.

According to statistics compiled by KSB which were highlighted in the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce’s March newsletter, the impact of KSB is noticeable on the community.

“In 2007 the rating was 1.35 – 1 being the best. The rating improved to 1.25 in 2013. This shows how clean Sherwood is,” reads the newsletter.

KSB also has been named the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce business of the month for March.

KSB is an affiliate of Keep Arkansas Beautiful, affiliated with Keep America Beautiful. It works to improve the environmental quality of life in Sherwood.

KSB endeavors to educate the public about the benefits of recycling and litter prevention, while motivating Sherwood residents to improve our community through beautification and cleanup programs.

To maintain its affiliation certification, certain criteria must be met. One is to do a Community Awareness Index. This rates the city as to litter such as trash, junk cars, graffiti and illegal dumps.

KSB has two city-wide clean-ups each year – one in the spring and one in the fall. Organizations, as well as individuals, volunteer to pick up litter and plant flowers/shrubs in designated areas to clean and beautify the community.

KSB also provides a safe and secure free shredding service in the spring and fall each year. Last year, over

21,000 pounds of documents were shredded.

Through its Adopt-A-Spot program, an individual or organization may decide on an area in the city of Sherwood - a park, a length of street or highway - that they will take responsibility to keep clean and litter free.

Signs are placed to indicate who has volunteered to take care of what area.

Keep Sherwood Beautiful has trash barrels throughout the city in the parks, recreation areas and businesses.

With just $100 for businesses and $50 for individuals/families, an organization has the choice of “advertising” its place on the trash barrels. This is their only fund-raiser.

In the spring and summer the Yard of the Month Program kicks in, depending on the weather. Each winner receives, for a month, a sign in their yard indicating they are a winner, a certificate and a gift. The same is done in October for Halloween décor and December for Christmas.

They participate in promoting anti-litter in our schools. The last two years they had a winner in the annual Great American Cleanup poster contest.

KSB is designated as a non-profit organization: all are volunteers. Their hours are reported to the state. Last year KSB’s 354 volunteers donated 3,451 hours, saving Sherwood $90,653.52.

All are invited to participate in their activities. Monthly meetings are held in the Bill Harmon Rec Center. For additional information, please contact the KSB office, at 501-835-4699 or

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