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Sherwood’s first town hall and community center

Sherwood first town hall was a 16 foot by 16 foot Army surplus building (the structure on the left) which was purchased by the Sherwood Town Council in June 1948 for $100. As the town had no money at its inception, a “Miss Sherwood” pageant was sponsored by the Country Club Manor Home Demonstration Club. Proceeds from this fundraiser paid for the new town’s seat of government. The building, originally located at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, was placed on the land once known as “Triangle Park,” which is now called Delmont Park.

Later that year, the Little Rock YMCA gave Sherwood a 30 foot by 92 foot building for use as a community center (the structure on the right). The building was attached to Sherwood’s first town hall. According to Ailene Duran’s 1976 book, “The Signs Say Sherwood,” this enlarged community center was the “hub” of early Sherwood. Both structures were eventually relocated near the old Sherwood Bowling Alley, which at one time was the Kroger Shopping Center. Sadly, both buildings were destroyed by fire in August 1989, but remain in the fond memories of many longtime Sherwood residents.

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