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Sherwood’s animal shelter seeking barns to house feral cats

Cats are known to have independent streaks. But in the cold weather even a cat of nine lives can buckle under the weather.

The Sherwood Animal Shelter sometimes receives feral cats from the general public. Feral cats are those considered semi-wild.

“These cats need to live in a barn, horse stable, warehouse, garage, garden, shed or other suitable indoor/outdoor location,” reads a notice issued recently by the Sherwood Animal Shelter.

The shelter published the notice in hopes of finding people in the general public who would allow animal control services to use their habitation as a way to temporarily house feral cats until they are better suited with socializing with other animals.

“All cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated,” according to the notice. “Your responsibility will be to provide daily food and water, protection from the elements and long-term care.”

There are benefits from allowing the animal shelter to utilize a barn, stable or garage to house a feral cat.

“After a short period of secure confinement, the cats will accept their new barn home and will help keep rodents away from grain and food storage area,” according to the notice. “You will enjoy watching the cats and having the satisfaction of giving them a much needed home.”

Property owners or persons with rental property with permission for long-term placement of animals, can call Sherwood Animal Services at 834-2287.

“We will put you on our waiting list,” according to the notice. “We will assist you while the cats settle into their new home.”

The notice continues, “Please help us help these hard-working cats.”

There are other groups in the area which try and help the plight of feral cats, including FuRR (Feline Rescue and Rehome). FuRR is based in Little Rock, but it assists cats anywhere in the area.

FuRR recently issued its own notice giving tips on how to care for feral cats in the cold weather.

Feral Cats Need Extra Care in winter.

“Little Rock experienced its first winter weather this past weekend, which provides the perfect reminder that winter weather — snow, ice, and cold temperatures — can be dangerous for our feral friends,” according to FuRR.”If you care for stray or feral cats you might consider building a simple shelter out of plastic tubs lined with straw. (Blankets are fine in a pinch but can hold moisture.) And if severe weather is expected be sure to leave extra food and water in case you cannot get out to feed for a few days.”

FuRR continues, “If you care for a feral colony and would like more tips on how to care for them in winter weather please drop us an email. FuRR volunteers care for a number of colonies in the Central Arkansas area and we are grateful for the lengths they go to ensure that our colony friends are cared for even in weather that even mailmen would not go out in.”

Visit FuRR’s website at to learn more.

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