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Sherwood’s Andrews charged with felony after killing Stanley, his mother’s dachshund

A 22-year-old Sherwood man was arrested on March 12 on a charge of felonious aggravated cruelty of a dog after city police received a report that he had killed his mother’s dog and was passed out drunk.

According to a police report compiled by Officer Steven Henker, police were dispatched to 813 Wildwood Ave. and made contact with resident and dog owner Connie Andrews who stated someone had called her and told her son, Jonathan Andrews, who lives at the same address, had killed the dog.

“She then went to her residence and discovered that ‘Stanley,’ a small brown dachshund was dead in the backyard behind the garage.

“I observed the dog laying behind the garage and had Sgt. Smith come to the scene and took pictures of the deceased dog,” Henker reported.

According to the police report, three officers entered the home and went to the front bedroom where Andrews was laying.

“He was arrested (doublelocked) and placed into my unit for transport,” Henker said.

When police arrived at department headquarters with Andrews, he told them the dog was trying to bit him and he pushed it against the wall and the dog didn’t move after that.

“He then placed the dog behind the garage,” Henker said.

Police were then informed by Curtis Pettit of North Little Rock that Andrews told him what he did.

“He advised me that Mr. Andrews was drunk and called him (Pettit) saying he killed his mom’s dog,” Henker said.

According to the police report, Pettit then went to the house and found Andrews passed out in the tub with a bottle of alcohol floating in the water.

“Pettit moved him to the bed and notified his mother,” Henker said. “I asked him if he would come to the police department to write a statement and he advised me he would come by later tonight after work.”

The city’s animal control Department was notified and Officer Angela Spears arrived, took custody of the dog and advised her department was going to make an X-Ray of Stanley.

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