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Jacksonville’s Wynne arrested after break-in at Sherwood home

Twala Wynne, 39, of Jacksonville was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after police were dispatched to a Sherwood apartment in reference to a break-in in progress.

According to a police report filed by Sherwood Officer DeJesus Blake, officers arrived at 10:15 p.m. at 9901 Brockington Road, Apt. E-24, and made contact with a group of people in front of the unit.

“As I approached the group of people, a woman began yelling at me after her daughter was in this apartment and her boyfriend had the keys to her car and wouldn’t let her daughter leave,” DeJesus said. “I told the woman later identified as Twala Wynne to lower her voice.”

DeJesus said Wynne refused to lower her voice and continued screaming at him.

“I instructed Ms. Wynne and the others to go downstairs and speak with Officer (Cliff) Manek and Officer (Andy) Kurcz,” DeJesus said. “She stated that she was not going to go downstairs and that she was going to stay there until I made the guy inside come out.”

Police told Wynne that if she didn’t do as DeJesus instructed that she would be arrested and she finally went downstairs.

“When downstairs she refused to speak with Officer Manek and continued to scream up at me,” DeJesus said. “Officer Manek advised Ms. Wynne for a second time that if she did not close her mouth and follow instructions that she would be arrested.”

Officers then made contact with with Christopher Mott, who resides at the apartment.

“Mr. Mott advised me that he was sitting in his apartment when all of a sudden someone was banging on his door and screaming at him,” DeJesus said. “He immediately called the police.”

Mott was asked if his girlfriend, Ashley Rodgers, and Wynne’s daughter were in the apartment.

Mott said Rodgers was at work who was called to inform her that Wynne was at the apartment.

Mott was asked he had the keys to Wynne’s vehicle and he stated he did not and added he normally drives the vehicle. Mott said the vehicle belongs to Rodgers but is in Wynne’s name.

“I asked Mr. Mott if he would be willing to give her the keys to the vehicle. He stated yes that he did not mind. I retrieved the keys and went back outside to make contact with Ms. Wynne,” according to the police report.

DeJesus said he went back downstairs to speak with Wynne who was still screaming and being uncooperative with the other officers.

“I informed Ms. Wynne for a third time to be quiet and let me speak. She stated that she did not have to be quiet and was going to say what she needed to say,” DeJesus said.

Wynne was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and placed in handcuffs. She was then placed in the back of a patrol vehicle.

“I informed Ms. Wynne that Mr. Mott had given me the keys to her vehicle and she advised me to give them to her husband at the scene, according to the police report.

Wynne was transported to the city police station where she was charged with disorderly conduct.

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