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Grinch tries to steal couple’s Christmas

It appears the Grinch tried to steal the Christmas of a Sherwood couple, but before he could get away with all the goodies, he was stopped.

On Nov. 29, Ronald and Mitcha Roberts, 8317 Brighton Drive, Sherwood, were coming home from dinner at about 7:37 p.m.

According to a police report filed by Officer Blake DeJesus, the Roberts observed their garage door opening and someone pulling out of the garage with Mrs. Roberts’ silver Lexus.

Mr. Roberts told police that he and his wife had returned home from dinner and when they opened their garage it suddenly stopped and went back down.

“He found this out of the ordinary because it had never done this before,” DeJesus reported. “He then tried to open the garage door again. This time the door came all the way up and someone backed out of their garage driving his wife’s silver Lexus. He stated that he immediately called 911.”

Mr. Roberts he did not get a good look at the thief. “It all happened so fast,” he said. “All that he or Ms. Roberts could see was a slender male wearing a white jacket.”

Shortly after police arrived they located the vehicle abandoned just down the street on North Hills Drive. “Officer Clark advised that the vehicle had a bunch of stuff piled up in the car,” according to the report.

Mr. Roberts told police when he went through the house he noticed his laptop was gone.

“He stated that the back door had been kicked open and all the glass from the door was shattered,” according to the report. “

Detectives processed the scene, escorting the couple through their home so they could conduct an inventory of missing property.

“It was later learned that Ms. Roberts had a bunchy of her jewelry taken, approximately 10 purses and some dress boots,” states the report. “Also missing was approximately $200 cash and Mr. Roberts’ Toshiba laptop.”

Mr. Roberts said his wife’s car usually stayed unlocked while it was in the garage and that both sets of keys and the spare keys were inside the house. Both sets of keys were still in the house when the couple inventoried their home.

Detectives escorted the Roberts to the Lexus and determined that everything they reported missing was in the car.

“The ignition did not appear to be damaged,” according to the report. “Mr. Roberts said that it may have been possible that there was a third set of keys but he did not think so. The only item not recovered was the $200 in cash taken from one of the jewelry boxes.”

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