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Sherwood woman writes “All About Pickles”

<p>Sharrol Frederick of Sherwood holds her creation, which is a book she authored called &amp;#8220;&amp;#8220;All About Pickles.&amp;#8221;</p><p>Greg Rayburn</p>Buy Photo

Sharrol Frederick of Sherwood holds her creation, which is a book she authored called &#8220;&#8220;All About Pickles.&#8221;

Greg Rayburn

Sherwood has a newly published author.

Sharrol Frederick, originally from New Orleans, has moved to Sherwood. She recently published a book known as “All About Pickles.”

Frederick said she was very pleased to see her book published.

“I wanted to write this for me and to let my family know I can do whatever comes to me. I don’t give up, despite my disabilities, I can overcome it!,” she said. “

She adds, “I want people to know about my book.”

Frederick works at Gadwall’s Grill in Sherwood and attends First Baptist Church on Club Road.

Frederick said she wrote the book because she wants to let people know it is good to dream.

She said her family played an important part in her decision to write her book.

“They told me to go on and do my book because I was not going to do it. I did not believe in myself. but they did,” Frederick said. “I was picked on my whole life I was not going to let that stop me.”

She said her friends and family helped push her into the right direction, encouraging her to write her book.

“My next dream is to get my books into Disney Stores, well all over the world,” she added.

She was born into a military family.

“I had always been picked on for being ´different,” she said. “All through my life, I have struggled with learning disabilities and instead of helping me, people would tease and bully me. You see, I am dyslexic and therefore it is very hard for me to read and get by. However, I adore kids, I love to draw, and I love story telling. So I worked hard to overcome my disabilities and with the help of my family, my friends, and my church . Hey, if I can do it, anyone can,” Frederick said.

Her book can be found on

Frederick also has a 13-minute video on highlighting her book where it had 68 views as of Jan. 30.

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