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Charlie Cooper’s Oaklawn Morning Line for 02-24-13

Winners on Top: 4/9 (Saturday); 52/236 (meet)

Winners in Top 4 Selections: 9/9; 167/236

Exactas in Top 4 Selections: 7/9; 98/236

Trifectas in Top 4 Selections: 4/9; 56/236

Best Bet: 21-6-3-3 Race 8 Humble Smarty; Best Longshot: 23-3-7-6 Race 1 Baltoro

No.; Horse; Jockey; Comments for Top 4; Odds

Race 1: 1 1/16 Mi.; Claiming; Purse $15,500; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and up

8-Baltoro; Court; Drops in to win; 8-1

2-Addison Trail; Martin; Hoping for better break; 7-2

3-Indian Bluff; Thompson; Could sit the perfect; 5-2

9-Malabar Anne; Wade; Better than last; 5-1

5-Joyful Angel; Canchari; 3-1

4-Sweet Wink; Corbett; 8-1

1-Saucy Sarah; Ocampo; 15-1

6-Get an Appointment; Loveberry; 20-1

7-K J and a Half; Quinonez; 20-1

Race 2: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $19,000; 3 YO and Up

3-Salt Free; Thompson; The one to catch; 8-5

1-Speightful Ways; Martin; 150k purchase in for 20k; 3-1

2-Exaltado; Corbett; May love surface switch; 7-2

4-Song Ahead; Birzer; Needed last, dangerous today; 5-2

7-Pawpaw’s Pleasure; Chavez; 20-1

6-Silk Cowboy; Molina; 20-1

5-Bayou Hard Twist; Joubert; 20-1

Race 3: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $26,000; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

4-Under the Radar; Canchari; Along in time; 5-1

5-Reorganization; Franklin; Will try to wire them; 7-2

2-Runge; Berry; Flew home late last out; 5-2

1-Cheer for Foxes; Thompson; Stalker claimed and adds bullet; 3-1

6-Maiden Warrior; Borel; 3-1

3-Distinctly Mine; Santana; 10-1

Race 4: 1 1/16 Mi; Maiden Claiming; Purse $15,500; Fillies and Mares; 3 YO and Up

7-Humble Delia; Birzer; First time for a tag; 7-2

3-Valentine Shoes; Kuntzweiler; On the improve; 8-1

9-Andrea Yvonne; Laviolette; Game here last meet; 6-1

5-Luckyemail; Corbett; Closed well last out; 9-2

8-Atta Girl Boo Boo; McKee; 5-1

12-Risky Equity; Bell; 10-1

6-Granny’s Bluff; Joubert; 20-1

4-Gad About Town; Santana; 10-1

11-Sarah’s Splendor; Homeister; 9-2

2-Emily Will; Molina; 30-1

10-Run Don’t Walk; Canchari; 30-1

1-Paradise Dreams; Canchari; 30-1

Race 5: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $25,000; 3 YO

5-Petty Song; Canchari; Good spot for debut; 10-1

8-Lexis Hero; Franklin; Speedster drops with a bullet; 3-1

3-Mr Garde; Borel; Dropping and first time Lasix; 7-2

7-Ecleto Red; Court; Trouble in debut, blinkers off; 9-2

2-Saturday’s Secret; Baird; 4-1

6-Finalfite; Martin; 6-1

4-Storming Senor; Teator; 8-1

1-What Trouble; Santana; 10-1

Race 6: 1 1 1/6 Mi; Claiming; Purse $15,500; 3 YO and Up

1-Rediron Man; Martin; In good form; 3-1

2-T. Thomas; Berry; Likes Oaklawn and distance; 7-2

5-Do You Like Money; Homeister; Drops to lowest level ever; 5-2

6-Runaway Crypto; Albarado; Wide in latest try; 8-1

10-Lac Seul’s Dream; Shino; 15-1

9-Golden Due; Teator; 15-1

8-Littlemuddyjack; Joubert; 20-1

7-Big Jump; Canchari; 10-1

4-Last Ring; Lebron; 12-1

3-Lead; Laviolette; 20-1

Race 7: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $23,000; 3 YO and Up

9-Night Vision; Court; Stalk and go late; 9-2

8-Graysonia; Mello; Loves track and distance; 4-1

6-Lake Creek; Berry; Closed well off shelf, adds 2 works; 10-1

7-Normandy Shore; Thompson; Drops to lowest level ever; 3-1

1-Western Sun; Quinonez; 15-1

4-Richmond; Keith; 6-1

5-Jerry n’ Elvis; Laviolette; 6-1

3-Thatlleaveamark; Birzer; 6-1

2-Black Ida’s Jo Jo; Johnson; 10-1

Race 8: 6 Furlongs; NODOUBLE BREEDERS’ STAKES; Purse $60,000; 3 YO and Up

8-Humble Smarty; Birzer; Should smoke these; 3-2

2-The Mallard Man; Court; Should sit behind speedsters; 6-1

1-Star Affirmed; Loveberry; Had prep, dangerous today; 15-1

3-Breckenridge; Thompson; Sharp at track and distance; 5-2

7-Primetime Dreamer; Albarado; 5-1

5-Ran the Man; Berry; 12-1

1a-Star North; McKee; 15-1

4-Cabe; Mello; 30-1

6-Tis’ Timeless; Quinonez; 12-1

9-Toga’s Storm; Santana; 20-1

Race 9: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Special Weight; Purse $53,000; Fillies; 3 YO

7-Islamorada; Homeister; Any improvement wins this; 7-2

6-Ode to a Skylark; Albarado; Good first out barn; 6-1

10-Pistolera; Santana; May fire for good 2nd out barn; 5-1

4-Said; Lebron; Good works for Oaklawn debut; 10-1

11-Graceville Rage; Borel; 9-2

2-Ready Express; Birzer; 6-1

1-Devious d’Oro; Quinonez; 8-1

5-Glorys Last Chance; Berry; 15-1

12-Noble Pegasus; Court; 30-1

3-Class of Twentyten; Ocampo; 10-1

8-Denali Dreamscape; Franklin; 15-1

9-Rossweisse; Canchari; 30-1

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