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Games leads Waves’ showing

Kristina Games led the way for the Lakewood Waves in the annual CASL Meet of Champions on Saturday at UALR. Gaines, 7, won the gold freestyle and butterfly, was second in the backstroke and fourth in the breaststroke. She also claimed a third-place finish in the 7-8 gold 100-yard individual medley.

Points were not counted in the meet and the top three finishers received medals.

No other team member medaled in gold.

Swimmers who qualified in gold-level races were Thomas Gerson, 9-10, backstroke and breaststroke; Lawrence Gerson, 11-12, freestyle; Morgan Smiatek, 11-12, freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke; Michael Wilde, 15-18, freestyle, IM and backstroke; Ethan Lutjen, 15-18, freestyle and butterfly; Grant Smith, 11-12, butterfly; Broderick McGee, 15-18, butterfly.

Other top finishes:


Jazmine Spencer, won bronze backstroke and second freestyle.

Boys 7-8

Hunter Smith, second silver freestyle; Tristan Taylor, fifth bronze backstroke.

Girls 7-8

Sydney Plaquet fifth in silver freestyle; Brooke Bethell, third bronze butterfly.

Boys 9-10

Caleb Hoskins, second silver backstroke; Elliiot LeBeau, fourth silver breaststroke; Thomas Gerson, fifth silver butterfly, third silver IM.

Girls 9-10

Carlie Shelton, fourth bronze backstroke; Aurora King, third silver breaststroke.

Girls 11-12

Olivia Patterson, third bronze freestyle; Cameron Bethell, fourth silver butterfly.

Boys 11-12

Lawrence Gerson, won silver breaststroke, fourth silver IM; Brendan Midkiff, second silver freestyle, fifth silver IM; Grant Smith, third silver backstroke.

Boys 13-14

Hayden Depriest, won silver butterfly.

Boys 15-18

Broderick McGee, won silver freestyle and IM, second silver backstroke; Andrew Stuff, third bronze freestyle; Ethan Lutjen, won bronze breaststroke.

Girls 15-18

Courtney Reid, third bronze freestyle and breaststroke.

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