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North Little Rock police beat

North Little Rock

Aggravated robberies

Oct. 11

James Holcombe, 49, told police he was robbed at 2799 E. Broadway St.where he had $400 in cash stolen.

Two boys, both 15 years old, told police they each had $10 stolen from them when they were robbed at 1300 Parker St.

Oct. 15

A 15-year-old boy told police someone used a handgun to steel a $60 iPhone and $15 iPhone charger at 1799 W. Long St.

Oct. 16

Stephen Barton, 46, told police he was robbed at Cana Food Store, 1524 Pike Ave., where $80 in cash was stolen as well two bottles of prescription pills.


Oct. 11

Antonio Hall, 1812 W. 44th St., told police someone broke into his home and stole a $500 flat screen television, $100 dog tag watch, and $100 wrist watch with a silver band. Fifty dollars worth of damage was done to his door during the break-in.

Monica Green, 1548 W. 10th St., said $25 of damage was done to her window when someone broke in. An inventory of stolen items is being done.

Oct. 13

Michael and Sadie Bledsoe, 2401 Fairway St., said someone broke into their home and stole two $25 pool sticks, $100 jewelry box, $2,000 worth of jewelry, two $150 speakers, $200 DVD player with movies, and $250 laptop computer.

Cornelius Morgan, 607 Pollock St., said someone broke into his home and stole a $270 Playstation 3 gaming system.

Jasmine Brown, 5104 Alpha St., said someone broke into her home and stole a $700 television, two other televisions worth $2,000, $60 DVD player, $700 tablet, $150 tablet, $500 laptop, $300 gaming system, $400 in computer games and a $50 wall painting.

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