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Aggravated robberies

July 27

James and Penny Ann Murphy, ages 69 and 68, respectively, reported they were robbed with the aid of a handgun at the Days Inn Motel, 5800 Pritchard Drive. Accompanying them during the robbery was a nine-year-old female. The thief took a wallet with credit cards and a drivers license along with $180 in cash.

Courtney Ward, 30, told police someone used a handgun to rob him at 5015 Velvet Ridge Drive. Nothing was reported stolen.

Linda Tran, 20, told police she was robbed at 3698 McCain Park by a 20-year-old white male. She had stolen a $200 Apple Iphone and credit cards.

July 31

Antonio Goodloe, 25, robbed him through asphyxiation at 1524 Pike Ave. where he had stolen a $60 cell phone. The incident was recorded on a security camera. The suspect was described as a 25-year-old black male standing 6’3” and weighing 160 pounds.

William Hall, 22, reported he was robbed with the use of a handgun at 2913 Lakewood Village Drive where a 13-year-old black male stole a black magazine containing BBs and two $300 Samsung cell phones.

Aug. 1

Claudette VanPelt, 27, told police someone stole $300 in cash from her at 4311 E. Broadway St.


July 26

James Carpenter, 511 Spriggs Drive, said someone broke into his home and stole a $250 Austria semi-automatic handgun.

July 27

William Steed, 1512 W. 36th St., said someone broke into his home and stole a $1,500 Spike’s Tactical AR-15 rifle, $800 shotgun, and $1,000 60-inch flat screen television.

Lenisha McHerron, 802 Water St., reported someone broke into her home and stole two $650 52-inch flat screen televisions, two $300 32-inch flat screen televisions and a $300 Xbox gaming console.

July 28

Mary Stane, 6331 Blackhawk St., said someone stole her $150 purse out of her home which had $500 in cash, credit cards and her Social Security Card.

Allison Walton of Belwood Auto, 4123 MacArthur Drive, reported someone caused $50 of damage to a glass door to gain entry into a Dodge Durango and upon entry stole a $300 car stereo and caused an additional $200 of damage to the dash board.

Nick’s Superstop, 11000 Highway 165, reported an undetermined amount of cigarettes were stolen.

July 30

Matthew Jones, 3807 Idlewild Ave., said $20 of damage was done to a window when someone gained access. Nothing was reported stolen.

Harry White, 4505 Frank St., said $100 of damage was done to his door when someone broke in and stole a $300 42-inch flat screen television, two $250 laptop computers and two $50 bottles of liquor.

Steve Patelle and Michelle Potter, 3712 Lakeview Drive, said someone broke into their home and stole two $200 tablets, a $145 watch, $550 laptop computer and $120 white gold ring.

Zante Armstrong, 4500 N. Orange St., said $200 of damage was done when someone broke a southeast bedroom window and upon entry stole a $400 32-inch flat screen television, $300 Xbox gaming system, and $400 laptop computer.

Derrick Palmer, 504 Ellen St., said an unknown 20-year black male standing 5’9” and weighing 205 pounds caused $200 of damage to the back bedroom window when he broke in and upon entry stole a $200 XBox system, $100 Sony PS2, a $300 Taurus .38-caliber firearm and a $50 box of .38-caliber ammunition.

Kenneth Jones, 115 S. Baldwin St., said a 39-year-old black male standing 5’4” and weighing 150 pounds broke into his home and stole a $50 Nintendo gaming system and $10 plastic covering inside the bathroom window.

Aug. 1

Andrea Cain, 417 Sierra Madre Drive, said someone broke into his home and stole a $400 42-inch Panasonic plasma television, $150 Xbox, $300 iPod and $75 black Converse hightops.

Rosie Swain, 3516 N. Maple Drive, said $20 of damage was done to her window when someone broke in and stole $1,110 in cash and a $25 vehicle title.

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