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North Little Rock Police Beat

North Little Rock

Aggravated robberies

April 5

A 16-year-old male juvenile told police someone used a handgun and robbed him of his $300 HTC Windows cell phone and $100 skateboard while he was at 199 E. 52nd St., North Little Rock.

April 6

Two male juveniles, ages 16 and 17, told police someone used a firearm to rob them of $250 in cash and a $250 Blackberry Torch cell phone while they were at 2633 Lakewood Village Drive.

April 9

Ginger Gunter, 60, told police someone robbed her while she was at 100 E. 4th St. and stole her purse, which had her prescription medications, a $100 prepaid cell phone and a $30 lady’s purse.

Kimberly Allen of Dollar General, 4149 E. Broadway St., said someone used a knife when they stole a $4 box of Axe deodorant.

April 10

Jasmine James, 24, and Carla Nanez, 52, told police someone used a handgun when they were at 11046 Highway 165 and stole $2,000 in cash.

April 12

Kelvin Perry of Aaron’s, 4101 Camp Robinson Road, told police someone used a handgun and stole a Chevrolet HHR. The unknown man was described as 6’2” tall, white, and about 33 years old.


April 4

Chari Agnew, 809 Blossom Road, told police someone broke a window to gain access into the house and upon entry someone stole a $350 Kindle Fire, $400 Acer laptop, $100 watch, $200 in cash, $675 Money Gram, $400 Xbox and a Plasa 42-inch flat screen television.

Myesha Boyd, 4708 Massie St., told police someone broke into her home and stole a 52-inch Phillips plasma television.

Willie McNeal Jr., 6608 Stonehedge Drive, said someone broke into his home and stole a $200 .38-caliber revolver and $800 Sanyo television. Access was gained when someone caused $100 of damage to window.

April 6

Erika Toliver, 1514 W. Short 17th St., said someone broke into her home and stole $450 in cash, a $125 Sony stereo and a $700 40-inch flat screen television.

Angelica Hester, 622 E. 19th St., Apt. A-65, told police someone broke into her residence and stole $1,200 in cash and a 50-inch Sanyo flat screen television valued at $800.

April 7

Amzy Borel, 5145 Velvet Ridge Drive, said someone broke into her home and stole $200 in jewelry, a $500 fur coat, , $100 in various clothing and a $30 purse.

Eastern Star Baptist Church, 2700 E. 2nd St., said someone broke into the building and stole a $500 filing cabinet safe, caused $1,500 in damage to the door, stole an additional $6,000 in cash and checks and $300 hand held video camera.

Dickey-Stephens Park, 400 W. Broadway St., reported several items were stolen during a burglary, including a $5,000 video camera, $500 wireless remote transmitter, $800 laptop, $175 pair of binoculars, $150 walkie talkie with charger, $150 worth of camera batteries with chargers, and $100 wireless mic.

April 9

V.I.P. Auto Group, 2006 Highway 161, told police someone broke into the business, causing $500 of damage to the large glass door and $75 of damage to the thermostat.

Exxon, 418 E. Broadway St., reported $200 of cigarettes were stolen when someone broke into the business at 2:47 a.m. Exxon was able to record the incident on video. A total of $600 worth of damage resulted in the breakin.

Rosie Thomas, 4315 Haywood St., reported her $200 glass door was damaged when someone broke in and stole a $100 .22-caliber rifle, $50 pellet gun, $300 electric organ, and a $280 Dell Inspiron.

Bonnie Simar, 2500 N. Willow St., said $100 worth of consumable goods were stolen when someone broke in. Nothing else was reported stolen.

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