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North Little Rock | Council approves look at fire department’s response times

The North Little Rock City Council on Monday voted to select a Virginia firm to analyze the city’s fire department response times.

Tri-Data Division, System Planning Corp., was the low bidder with a project price of $31,315.

On June 10, the city opened bids on the fire response time proposal and ended up receiving five offers: Matrix Consulting Group, $45,000; CPSM & ICMA, $76,089; ORH, $52,900, and City Gate Associates, $49,859.

In the bid proposals, the city was “seeking the services of a consulting firm to review and provide an analysis of the North Little Rock Fire Department’s response times, coverage and services.”

The city put together an Evaluation Committee whose members reviewed and evaluated the five proposals and then met as a committee to determine the best proposal which included the following criteria:

- Costs associated with developing, preparing and presenting the study;

- Quality and thoroughness of the proposal;

- Past performance and experience of the firm;

- Location of their office and proximity to the City of North Little Rock;

- Ability of the firm to provide the services requested.

In other business, the council authorized Mayor Joe Smith to enter into an amended memorandum of agreement with Pulaski County to help with operational costs of the county jail. North Little Rock takes its prisoners at the county jail.

In the approved agreement, North Little Rock agreed to pay an additional five percent. The amount to be paid during the first year of the agreement is $797,752.

“The payments identified above shall commence in January 2015,” reads the agreement.

The agreement does allow for annual increases.

“In following years, the amount to be provided by the city set out in Section one will be increased by an amount equal to the Consumer Price Index as contained in the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the previous year but, in any event, not exceed three percent per annum,” according to the memorandum.

Even though the annual increase was set at three percent, there is a section to allow potentially lowering fees charged to North Little Rock.

“In the event there is a significant increase in jail revenue from other sources other than the county or city, then the parties may enter into negotiations concerning the amount of payments contemplated in Sections one and two,” states the agreement.

The agreement was set for a five-year period. The city’s original agreement was established in 1990.

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