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Indian Hills Elementary School participates in the 2nd Annual Veterans Day Recognition

Students at Indian Hills Elementary School in the North Little Rock School District participated in the 2nd Annual Veterans Day Recognition recently by displaying a Field of Flags on their campus. Each student at Indian Hills was given a chance to attach a note or drawing to their flag before placing the flag in the ground to remember a veteran special to them. The first Indian Hills Elementary student to place a flag in the ground was Tristan Taylor, who was remembering, and honoring, a family member who died a couple of years ago while serving the country. Over 600 flags total were on displayed at Indian Hills Elementary School in the Field of Flags. Retired Army Colonel Mike Ross (pictured with Tristan Taylor), whose granddaughter attended Indian Hills and has now moved up to middle school, spent the entire day outside working on the project with students. Colonel Ross visited with every class, met them at their level (so more info for older kids) and then straightening the flags. Indian Hills PTA purchased the flags.

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