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Vera Lloyd now offers counseling program to help people overcome grief

Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services is now offering the proven Grief Recovery Method through its Laurence E. Schmidt Counseling Center in Little Rock.

The Grief Recovery Institute designed the action-based program to help people move from grief to living life fully again. The program helps people who have experienced a death of a loved one, death of a pet, divorce, move, retirement, loss of trust, loss faith, loss of fertility or other major life change.

The Schmidt Center, located at 1501 N. University Ave. in the Prospect Building, offers either the 12-week group format or seven-week one-on-one format.

“The Grief Recovery Method gives you a series of actions to verbalize your feelings and complete the pain associated with those feelings,” Jenny Caldwell, LCSW, Schmidt Center director, said.

For more information, call the Laurence E. Schmidt Counseling Center at 664-7777 or visit

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