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Nate Strauch: Losing our grip on America

Jul 29, 2015 12:24pm

I read somewhere, once upon a time, an adage about wealthy families that goes something like this: The first generation makes the money, the second generation maintains it and the third generation...

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Editorial: More than media object to comment

Jun 08, 2015 5:15pm

We do not mean to enter into the fray that is presidential election politics nearly a year and a half before the election, but we must take strong exception to former governor and presidential...

Nate Strauch: Silk stripes for life

Jun 03, 2015 8:35am

If it’s Thursday where you’re reading this, there’s a 31-year-old man sitting in a prison cell owned and operated by the federal government, serving his sixth full day of a prison term scheduled...

Steve Barnes: It’s the way these things are done these days

Jun 02, 2015 4:22pm

It’s the way these things are done these days,” a friend sighed, said friend being a fellow journalist who covers the business world.

By “these things” he meant the $87 million that Arkansas...

Lee Hamilton: Congress Says, “War Powers? What War Powers?”

Jun 02, 2015 8:55am

A few weeks ago, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia made a small splash in the press when he took Congress to task for failing to authorize our nation’s ongoing war against Islamic militants. “The silence...

Mark L. Hopkins: It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature

May 27, 2015 11:58am

The headline said, “Antarctic ice shelf ‘will be gone’ by 2020.” In the text of the article it tells us that an ice shelf roughly 15 times the size of Manhattan Island that has existed for 10,000...

Nate Strauch: Patriot-ism is unpatriotic

May 25, 2015 5:37pm

What would you, personally, give up to prevent another terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11?

There’s a spectrum of answers to that question, roughly ranging from “Nothing” to “Everything.”...

Steve Barnes: Red Bark Mulch

May 25, 2015 12:10pm

I have a suggestion for Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who will ask the General Assembly to approve a multi-million dollar bond issue to help a big defense company win an even more valuable contract to...

Dianne Williamson: Rare talent needn’t tread lightly on taboo topics

May 20, 2015 1:00pm

I’ve always found good comedy akin to Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s famous definition of hard-core pornography: I can’t explain it, but I know it when I see it.

So when I heard that...

Nate Strauch: Stealing from Jerry Jones

May 20, 2015 12:58pm

A basic law of economics says that if you cap the supply of something, the price of that something will skyrocket. Whenever there are more potential widget buyers than widgets to be bought, those...

Steve Barnes: Special session, the governor and an ‘SEC Primary’

May 19, 2015 8:56am

So it appears we are going to have a special session of the General Assembly later this month. Fine, if you believe that “economic development incentives,” as they are sometimes termed, to private...