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CAC FOOTBALL — First week of practice in the books

Central Arkansas Christian coach Tommy Shoemaker on Sunday pronounced the first week of fall football drills a success.

“We feel like we’re really on track,” said Shoemaker, starting his sixth season at Mustang Mountain. “We’ve got most all the offense we wanted to install. We want to fine-tune a little bit over the next week, and we might put in a few wrinkles here and there, but for the most part we’ve got what we want installed. Defensively, we’ve still got a few things to do.”

Perhaps the biggest question mark after the first week of camp was the kicking game.

“We may have different guys kicking off and kicking extra points,” Shoemaker said Sunday. “We’re still searching to get the kicking game situated, trying to sort through that a little bit.”

With classes starting Wednesday at Mustang Mountain, the Mustangs will get into more of a regular routine this week.

“But we had a really good (first) week,” Shoemaker said. “Our guys worked very hard and had a good tempo, and we had good leadership out of our seniors. We just really like this group and how they get along. The team chemistry is good; it’s just a good, tight-knit group that’s easy to coach.”

With the summer to that point having been not as hot as usual, the Mustangs had planned to shift their preseason drills to the afternoon. And although the typical Arkansas summer returned late last week, the Mustangs kept their schedule.

“Our guys are in great shape, so we didn’t have any problems with it,” Shoemaker said.

The Mustangs spent the weekend at Camp Tahkodah in Floral near Batesville for a preseason bonding session, and Shoemaker said they accomplished what they’d hoped they would. He praised his eight seniors.

“They’re a small group, but they do a great job leadership-wise, and they’re all going to contribute,” Shoemaker said. “They’re setting a good example as far as work ethic and knowing what we want and what we’re trying to get done.”

The Mustangs will travel to Harding Academy on Tuesday, Aug. 27 to scrimmage the Wildcats and Beebe. Shoemaker said they would spend time before then scouting both teams and preparing for what they will see there. While Harding Academy runs similar sets to the Mustangs, Beebe’s Dead-T formation will take a bit of preparation.

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