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Pie allegedly thrown at Maumelle residents

A pie was allegedly thrown at two Maumelle residents on Thursday evening, Nov. 14 in an alleged domestic incident.

Tanya Cummings, 39, said she and her boyfriend, Stephen Ray, 40, of Maumelle, had a pie thrown at them in their 100 Park Drive apartment.

They told police that a Kroger bag containing a pie and a can of whipped cream was thrown at their apartment.

Cummings said she was home at the time of the alleged incident but didn’t see who threw the pie against the back window. She did say she heard the flying pie hit the back of the window. Cummings told police her boyfriend was told that a former family member allegedly told her that she was going to throw out a pie that was in her refrigerator.

Officer Johnathon Johnson said he found a Kroger bag containing a pie and a can of whipped cream. He said there was no damage to the door or window.

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