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Two arrested in Maumelle man’s kidnapping


North Little Rock Police have announced the arrest of two juveniles who have been charged as adults in the daring daylight armed kidnapping of a Maumelle man in Burns Park last week.

Sgt. Brian Dedrick said Vincent Shabazz, 15, and Davieion McElroy, 16, both of North Little Rock have been arrested and charged as adults with kidnapping, theft of property by force and aggravated robbery in the Jan. 13 kidnapping of Thomas Kenley, 18, of Maumelle.

Shabazz and McElroy, both juveniles, have been charged as adults and identified as a result.

Kenley told police he was in Burns Park near the tennis courts waiting on some friends when, “he was approached by a Black male holding a revolver [pointed at him through his window glass] that opened his door and forced him into the back seat. At this time two other black males entered the vehicle and they drove off with the victim,” Dedrick said.

Police said the driver gave the revolver to an associate in the back seat seated next to Kenley. He told police the hammer on the gun was cocked as it was held on him throughout the ride.

He said the victim was driven to Little Rock where he was “forced to produce his pin number” and the card was used to obtain cash from several ATMs. Police said you could see on the ATM’s surveillance camera where the driver and others allegedly turned around and appeared to have threatened Kenley. Next they then drove to an unknown region where the victim was forced out of his own vehicle.

Dedrick said Kenley ran away into the woods as he was told. As he did Kenley said six shots were fired from the revolver. He said he thought they were shooting at him and felt something hit the back of his head when he was about five feet away. It wasn’t a bullet but something else, like gunpowder, he said. The assailants eventually chased him into the woods and forced him back into the vehicle, he said where they then drove to a location on Frazier Pike in southeast Little Rock where once again they forced him out of his truck and he told police he heard more shots as he ran away.

His wallet, vehicle, cell phone and cash were stolen, police said. Police said the vehicle belonged to his father Jeffrey Kenley.

Due to an ATM surveillance photo, a member of the public identified McElroy as the driver of the abducted vehicle and he and Shabazz were both taken into custody at the Juvenile Detention Center while they were there on unrelated charges.

A third person has been identified and police are still searching for him.

Police said a friend of Kenley was parked in Burns Park, witnessed the events but assumed he was helping friends and didn’t call police.

The entire episode lasted about two and one-half hours, police said.

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