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EDITOR’S NOTE | The push starts now

This week marks the beginning of a new effort on our part to reach out to the entire Maumelle community as we begin a drive to communicate with more residents and to get you more involved in this newspaper.

If you’ve never subscribed, we’d like to ask you to please give us a chance to show you the value of our newspaper.

And to all those who work so hard in jobs in Little Rock and elsewhere outside of Maumelle and just barely make it home in time to rest and start back all over again — please give us a chance to let you know what’s going on around you and then you can pick and choose what to be involved with.

We’re not competing with the daily newspaper, TV station newscast or even radio.

What we have is a unique product that is designed solely for Maumelle residents.

For those of you who agree to give us a shot, I can promise you you’ll get your money’s worth of Maumelle news.

In past years’ research, one of our most popular sections of the paper has been our crime reporting. People want to follow them to see where burglaries and auto break-ins occurred.

They also wanted to see who got arrested and for what.

Others said they enjoyed the entertainment value of the dumb criminal stories. Believe me, many stories will contain actions by alleged criminals that will leave you scratching your head.

I’ve said many times that you just couldn’t make up some of these police reports. Nobody would believe you if you did.

We don’t shy away from the arrest of anyone. We respect their constitutional rights of presumption of innocence but we’re going to tell you details regardless of their station in life. That may upset some folks but we feel a strong obligation to be honest and candid about newsmakers.

Many of our stories can be ugly. What motivates us is our obligation to our readers. If I were a mother of small children living in the same neighborhood of alleged pedophiles, I’d want to know when they were arrested. We think we have a real obligation to make you aware of these unfortunate incidents we’d all wish never happened.

We get no joy from it but if we can help protect one innocent child from abuse we’ll be satisfied.

Maumelle residents are fortunate because you live in one of the most open government cities in the state, if not the most open.

But that means you hear about more arrests, drug busts and events than one of your neighbor city residents might. It can also lead residents to think things are worse here than elsewhere.

Let me assure you that it is not the case. Just last year we asked the special agent in charge of the DEA in Arkansas how Maumelle compared to other cities with drug problems. He said Maumelle is nowhere near the top.

But reading crime reports you might think otherwise.

It is our job to communicate those nuances of fact.

Everybody loves seeing children in the paper and we strive to reach out to bring in those events welcoming family snapshots for special events or slices of life.

We also hear that our feature stories are popular and we pledge to bring you more of those.

The sports coverage in the Monitor is second to none. Nowhere else will you read about the athletic programs at Academics Plus or the kind of in-depth coverage you’ll see everywhere week about the Maumelle Hornets or the Central Arkansas Christian Mustangs.

If you are very involved in the community, you may already know everything that is happening. If not, I’m sure you’ll find interesting topics and stories each week.

Give us a shot.

Neal Moore’s Moore on Maumelle column is worth the price of the newspaper all by itself.

All I ask is that you give us a chance to prove ourselves to you.

Bill Lawson is Editor of the Maumelle Monitor

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