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DWI patrols expanded

Police will be out in force this holiday week cracking down on drunk drivers in both marked and unmarked vehicles.

Maumelle residents attending a New Years party who drink too much are urged to call Maumelle Police for a free ride home.

Maumelle police chief Sam Williams said, “Call before you get behind the wheel and we’ll see that you get home safely.”

He suggested those planning parties to make designated drivers a feature of the party or make plans for a taxi.

Alcoholics Anonymous claims one DWI has a average cost of $10,000. But Chief Williams said it can cost even more if driving is a part of your job. Some employers will terminate drivers getting DWIs and that could cost ten times the $10,000 figure if jobs are lost because of them.

“It’s just not worth the cost,” Williams said.

Do the smart and responsible thing and plan ahead. Then you can have all the fun you want and still get home safely.

Williams said extra patrol units will be used around Maumelle specifically looking for the impaired drivers.

When drivers consume too much alcohol not only are their reflexes impaired but so is their judgement, he said.

Drivers think they can operate a vehicle so nobody can tell they’re impaired but actually its just the opposite. Our officers have been trained on the tell-tale clues like crossing the center or outside lanes. And when drinkers attempt to hide their situation they usually drive much slower so even that is a clue.

To be honest, drunk drivers stick out like a sore thumb. They are easy to recognize and stop before they have an accident and kill themselves or a family making their way back home.

Getting arrested and thrown in jail, having your vehicle towed and impounded are but two of the bad things that can and often go wrong in these situations.

When people get injured or killed as a result of your actions, your liability can extend for a lifetime and your liability limits may not be enough so you could lose everything you have.

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