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City trying to collect from sanitation scofflaws

Last fall City Council members and others were surprised to hear that Maumelle residents owe the city more than half a million dollars in unpaid sanitation fees and for community service fees.

Many of the more than 700 residents owed more than $1,000 which means their fees haven’t been paid in several years,

Tasha Thompson, CPA and the city’s finance director said.

“Last year we sent out past due notices to all accounts who had a past due balance

older than 120 days and were customers in the quarterly billing cycle and were not on bank drafts,” Thompson said.

The total of these accounts was $514, 509.65. The total of balances older than 120 days is $242, 080. 94.

That figure does not include does include accounts written off to the collection agency for $ 84, 023.56 or those sent to the city attorney of $98, 981. 90, which she’ll be filing civil action lawsuits against them in an attempt to collect what’s owed.

So far the city has collected $ 77, 900. 93, Thompson said.

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