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Don’t ignore your body’s warning signs

After a near death experience, Maumelle businessman Tim Clark warned other Maumelle residents to pay attention to your body’s warning signs.

Clark said his surgeon encouraged him to tell his story because he nearly died.

Although he hadn’t been feeling well, Clark said he couldn’t pinpoint any one area bothering him until late on the night of April 20 when the pain in his stomach wouldn’t go away and became worse.

Rather than calling 911, Clark said he drove himself to Baptist Health Springhill Medical facility in North Little Rock.

That was his first mistake, the surgeon told him because he said most people with that severe pain don’t ever make it to the hospital driving themselves.

When he arrived at the emergency room a triage nurse evaluated him and had him wait about two hours before he was seen by physicians. It was only after he phoned a physician friend that he was taken back in the ER for treatment around 2 a.m., he said.

The surgeon pointed out that had he called 911 and had Maumelle Fire and Rescue and MEMS staff treat him, they could have found the source of his problem, transported him to the ER and assured him of immediate attention rather than a long wait.

A surgeon who specializes in gall bladder removal performed emergency surgery at 4 a.m. that morning, Clark said.

When the surgeon showed him the eight gall bladder stoneshe said that gangrene had set in.

An hour later and he wouldn’t be alive, Clark said the surgeon told him because his gall bladder had ruptured, Clark said.

After a week’s hospital stay, Clark said he’s back at home feeling much better. Next time a severe unusual pain develops, he’ll call 911, Clark said.

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