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Charlie Cooper's Oaklawn picks for races on Sunday, March 30


The Morning Line​

Oaklawn Park   Sunday, March 30, 2014

Handicapper Charlie Cooper


    Saturday             Meet

Winners on Top



Winners in Top 4 Selections



Exactas in Top 4 Selections



Trifectas in Top 4 Selections





Best Bet: Race 2 Thingamajigger   39-14-12-4  BestLongshot: Race 5 Wound Up 40-2-2-6


No.​Horse                      ​Jockey​Comments for Top 4​Odds​

Race 1: 5½ Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $20,000;Fillies and Mares: 3 YO and Up

6​Wickedly Sweet​Birzer​No excuses today​  9-5

7​Misty Journey​Quinonez​Dropping while needing last​  5-1​

1​Little Trickster​Canchari​On the improve​  7-2

4​Electric Honour​Tohill​Sharp maiden claiming barn​  5-1

8​Princess Put​Emigh​​  8-1

2​Expect a Prize​Court​  6-1

3​Dancing Penny​Loveberry​15-1

5​My Fair Ashton​Mello​20-1


Race 2: 6 Furlongs; Claiming; Purse $19,000; 3 YO and Up ​ ​

3​Thingamajigger​Santana​Wire to wire​  9-5

4​Sea of Change​Homeister​Much improvement last out​  6-1

1​Deadly Card​Canchari​Inside speedster will keep them honest​  8-1

5​Imperial Crown​Vazquez​Game at this level​  9-2

10​Royal Dehere​Tohill​20-1

6​Dance Idol​Loveberry​12-1

2​Jebias​Birzer​ ​  8-1

8​Solid South​Court​10-1

11​Rattlesnake Holler​Berry​12-1


7​Runs With Bulls​Ocampo​15-1


Race 3:  6 Furlongs; Maiden Claiming; Purse $20,000; 3 YO and Up

6​American Reign​Thompson​The one to catch​  2-1

7​Riot Act​Tohill​Completes the exacta​  7-2

1​Swiss Confederate​Santana​Closed well in debut, steps up​  6-1

3​Last Sun​Arroyo​Good spot for debut​  8-1

4​Yankee Hater​Emigh​15-1

2​Follow Me Home​Navarro​15-1

5​New Found King​Canchari​  8-1

8​Kowboy Tuff​Castanon​  5-1



Race 4: 1 Mile; Claiming; Purse $18,000; 4 YO and Up

8​Kate’s Main Man​Quinonez​Find easy bunch​  2-1

4​Practice Tee​Birzer​Better than last​  6-1

9​Lawyer Gabe​Castanon​Stalk and go late​  7-2

1​Silver Crescent​Quinonez​2 of 3 career wins this distance​10-1

5​Jack Carter​Navarro​12-1


10​Barney R​Mello​  4-1

7​Some Way Some How​Santana​15-1

3​Fela Kuti​Borel​12-1

2​Deputy Forest​Corbett​20-1


Race 5: 1 1/16 Mi; Waiver Claiming; Purse $18,200; 3 YOand Up

2​Wound Up​Court​Has improved each Oaklawn start​  6-1

6​Lookslikeahit​Loveberry​Drops to lowest level ever​  5-1

10​Levy​Mello​Needed last, blinkers off​  5-2

9​Hornet​Birzer​Could fly by late​10-1

1​Al Musaddad​Quinonez​​ 8-1

3​He Be Somethin​Santana​ 6-1

7​Sammy’s Bandit​Borel​  6-1

11​Kipper Dan​Quinonez​20-1


5​Efficient Market​Arroyo​15-1

8​Warrens Temptation​Thompson​20-1


Race 6: 6 Furlongs; Starter Allowance; Purse $36,000; 3YO and Up

3​Legend Forever​Mello​Duplicate of last wins this​  5-2

2​Nutty Brown​Castanon​Has never missed a check​  6-1

6​Doubly Distinct​Hill​Much the best in Oaklawn debut​  9-2

8​Top Gato​Arroyo​Will love pace today​12-1

10​Town Star​Emigh​10-1

1​Standpoint​Santana​  9-2

9​Flying Mr K.​Loveberry​10-1

7​Stone Crazy​Martinez​  6-1

4​Shady Creek​Joubert​12-1

5​Mystic Thunder​Berry​30-1


Race 7: 6 Furlongs; Maiden Special Weight; Purse $60,000; 3 YO and Up

3​Dorn​Martinez​Bred for speed and win early​  4-1

10​Fictionality​Quinonez​Regally bred with good works & Lasix for debut​  6-1​

4​Swing It Dish​Court​Hall of fame trainer due to wake up​  5-1

8​Morning Star​Castanon​Trouble in last, adds 4 useful works​  8-1

11​Katie O.​Borel​12-1

2​Southern Maid​Loveberry​12-1

5​Lucky Eight​Mello​  8-1

12​Shut the Gate​Tohill​  6-1

6​Little Stevie Girl​Arroyo​15-1

7​Steel Cut​Navarro​10-1

9​Hollywood Hottie​Thompson​  8-1

1​Humorous Chant​McKee​30-1


Race 8: 6 Furlongs; RAINBOW STAKES; Purse $75,000;3 YO

5​He Is a Roadster​McKee​Beats these again​  3-1

3​The Arkansan​Martinez​Should rate for upset chance​  8-1

1​Sea N Suds​Corbett​Has defeated top choice​  4-1

9​Devilishly Clever​Birzer​Back with state breds​  5-2



7​Du Big​Berry​  6-1

6​Commander Luke​Court​12-1

8​Ol’ Bob​Canchari​15-1


Race 9: 1 1/16 Mi; Maiden Claiming; Purse $18,000; 3 YOand Up

7​Cloud Crossing​Thompson​Up in time​  7-2

1​We Have Rainbows​Birzer​Flew home sprinting​  5-2

6​Daring Steve​Santana​Competitive all three starts this meet​  4-1

9​Nate’s Thunder​Tohill​Could win it all late​  5-1

10​Port of Storms​Navarro​20-1

2​Hickory Grove​Loveberry​  8-1


8​Hunting Gold Motel​Canchari​20-1

3​Indy Skies​Johnson​20-1

11​Midnight Alibi​Halliday​30-1

4​Prince Partee​Joubert​30-1






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