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Jacksonville’s Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day set for Saturday

The city of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Museum of Military History and in partnership with the Little Rock Air Force Base, will be sponsoring the “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” celebration on Saturday.

The event is also being funded in part by the Jacksonville Advertising and Promotions Commission.

“In 1973 the Paris Peace Accord was signed ending the Vietnam War,” said DannaKay Duggar/Director Jacksonville Museum of Military History. “The Vietnam War was controversial and sadly our Vietnam Veterans never got the ‘Welcome Home’ they deserved.”

The daylong celebration is designed to honor, celebrate and welcome home Vietnam veterans, she said.

Duggar said the museum will be open from 9 a.m. To 6 p.m. At no charge to the public.

An vinyl map of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia measuring 8 by 12 feet will also be on display.

“There will be Vietnam exhibits, displays and movies which will be shown throughout the day,” she said.

Duggar added there also will be live music and demonstrations from various artists. Veteran service organizations are also being invitee to set up a booth at no charge.

“The museum invites military service organizations to set up informational booths on the grounds of the museum during our Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration,” Duggar said.

A “Welcome Home” parade is slated to take place from 2 to 3 p.m. All vehicles and floats entering the parade must be decorated. No candy or any other item may be thrown from floats or vehicles.

The guidelines for booths are as follows:

Booths will be for information only.

• Selling merchandise will not be permitted.

• Groups and organizations will be allowed to recruit members.

• We only have space for 20 booths and they will be accepted on first come first served.

• Participating organizations will need to provide their own canopy, chairs and table.

• Please bring paperweights to prevent your materials & literature from flying away and becoming litter.

• Booths must be set up by 7 a.m. on Saturday.

• The museum reserves the right to deny access to museum grounds to any group or organization deemed inappropriate for this event.

From 3-4 p.m., there will be an honor and remembrance ceremony for Missing In Action Prisoners of War. At that time a POW/MIA table will be set up with the ceremony performed by the Little Rock Air Force Base Honor Guard.

From 4-6 p.m., there will be dinner on the grounds with each ticket costing $10, payable at the door.

Dinner sponsorships are available for Vietnam veterans. For more information, interested parties should contact the museum at 241-1943.

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