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Bus carjacking incident isn’t the first run-in Miller has had with Jacksonville PD

Thursday’s incident of a school bus being carjacked by Nicholas Miller isn’t his first run-in with the law in Jacksonville.

According to records released Thursday afternoon by the city police department, has had other incidents.

On May 29, Miller was arrested on a charge of breaking and entering (felony) in connection with an incident that took place in Jacksonville one day earlier.

On May 28, Jacksonville Police Officer Nathan Robbins was dispatched to 106 Hampton Cove in reference to a breaking and entering of a vehicle. Michael Payne told police his wife, Sandra, observed miscellaneous items on the passenger side of the vehicle in the yard at 8 a.m.

Sandra Payne picked up the items, thinking he had dropped them out of his vehicle on accident.

Sandra Payne returned home at 6 p.m. that day and showed her husband the items from the yard.

“M. Payne stated he observed a brown knife that was not his with the items,” according to Robbins’ report. Mr. Payne said he went into his vehicle and was unable to locate his Sherwood Police Department-issued Remington 870 shotgun.

“M. Payne stated the shotgun was under the backseat of his vehicle,” according to the report. “M. Payne stated he was also missing $400 from a black wallet that was in the center console of his vehicle.”

Robbins was able to lift three fingerprints from the passenger side of M. Payne’s vehicle.

The fingerprints were located on the passenger side front door, below the window on a plastic piece of trim. Robbins placed the fingerprints in the Property management system. Robbins also placed the brown knife into the Property management system.

On May 28, at 7:50 p.m. Robbins entered the shotgun into NCIC, and received a delayed hit. The serial number was ran at 2:31 p.m. in Lonoke County. Robbins was advised through dispatch the shotgun was recovered by Lonoke Co. Robbins advised M. Payne he could call Lonoke County Sheriff’s Department one day later in order to get his shotgun back.

On Oct. 8, Elizabeth Potts of Jacksonville came into the city police department to report a physical altercation with Miller, who is her husband.

“Potts stated that she went to Nicholas’ house at 1000 Richard St. to pick up some money from him to help pay for diapers and food for their son Nicholas Todd Miller. Potts stated once she arrived at the residence, Nicholas John came outside and took Nicholas Todd out of his car seat and went inside the residence. Nicholas John began to change to his son’s diaper and Potts noticed his behavior was odd. Potts stated that she believed he was high on methamphetamine which is his normal choice of drugs,” reported Jacksonville police officer Bobby Forrest.

Potts stated she told Nicholas John that if he was going to stay on drugs, she would just leave and not let him see their son. Potts and Nicholas John began to argue and Potts decided to get her son and leave.

“Potts grabbed her son, put a clean diaper on him and attempted to leave the residence. Potter stated that Nicholas John grabbed the dirty diaper and threw it at her face while she was trying to leave. Nicholas John continued to push Potts back into the living room where she could not leave. Potts advised that Nicholas John grabbed her by her neck and stated that he would choke and kill her, if she attempted to keep their son from him. Potts stated that she was finally able to grab her son and leave the residence,” according to Forrest’s report.

Police did not observe any injuries to Potts.

“Potts was advised that if Nicholas John was located within four hours that we would place him under arrest for Terrorist Threatening and Domestic Assault 3rd. Potts was advised that if Nicholas John was not found tonight, she would have to go to the Prosecutor’s Office to press

charges. Potts was also advised to go to the circuit court building to obtain an Order of Protection,” states the report.

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